Making great cocoa even better!


Who are we?


ZOTO is a Belgian family company specialized in cacao-related consultancy projects. We execute in Belgium all quality and evaluation projects. We travel to cocoa-producing origins for short-term consultancy visits and/or trainings with a focus to enhance cocoa quality. ZOTO was founded in 2016 by ZOi Papalexandratou & TOm De Winne, after having applied our skills as engineers in bio-applied sciences in the cocoa sector.  We have worked and lived for over 13 years in the tropics all over the world.


Our Mission


ZOTO wants to be the world leader in discovering unknown cocoas with potential, improving their quality and make them a reference in the market.

Preserve and offer unique cocoas

ZOTO wants to preserve as many as possible unique and local cocoa varieties all over the world. By improving the quality of those special cocoas, with respect for tradition, culture and the environment, ZOTO makes cocoa farming profitable again.

Offer a flavor experience

ZOTO wants chocolate consumers to respect chocolate again by creating a WAW moment: every bite of a chocolate made with our beans should put a smile on peoples face and offer them a flavor journey, back to the tropical origin of the cocoa.


Our Vision


Improve Quality

We want to create high diversity in the market offer of fine flavor cocoa. Not only by discovering great cocoa, but by improving them to excellent cocoa with unique flavor profiles and astonish chocolate makers. Through a thorough understanding of the post-harvest process, we can steer the flavor development during fermentation and drying, hence extract the maximum potential of each bean in terms of flavor. The impact of post-harvest processing on flavor development overrules the importance of genetics, terroir, climate change and origin.

Create Awareness

By providing exceptional cocoa's with full traceability, chocolate makers can more easily intrigue their consumers to take a moment to reflect on the supply chain, processing of cocoa and processing of chocolate.

Enable Direct Trade

ZOTO wants to connect cocoa growers with chocolate makers through unique fine flavor cocoa and bring that story closer to the end consumer. By doing so we intend to add value for each member of the supply chain: a premium price for cocoa growers, ensure market access by facilitating direct trade to chocolate makers, offer unique cocoa to chocolate makers and create awareness among consumers.