Honduras - Mayan Red - 60% dark milk chocolate


Honduras - Mayan Red - 60% dark milk chocolate


This dark milk chocolate is a regional blend chocolate from the region of Copán, Western Honduras.

This chocolate brings Easter on the table all year long. A very accessible chocolate with a clear and direct pallet. Fun and joy for young and old. The ideal guilty pleasure.

The cocoa:

  • name: Mayan Red (Winner of the International cocoa of excellence awards 2013)

  • origin: Honduras, Copán

  • the cocoa was produced under ZOTO protocol

The chocolate:

  • 50% cocoa mass - 10% cocoa butter - 12% milk powder - 28% beet sugar

  • Post-harvest controlled chocolate bar

  • 45-50g

Flavor notes:

Caramel, sweet, biscuit


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For ZOTO, this was the first cacao ever produced for the private company XOCO S.A.

During the Chocoa festival, we participated at the COEX auction, specifically for a batch of Mayan Red, 60%.

Besides the fact we support the great cause behind the auction, we feel that we close a circle by making a chocolate bar from the first cacao we ever produced…

Also happy to see, the original protocol of fermenting is still in place.