Origin specific dark chocolate - Kilimamwenza

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Origin specific dark chocolate - Kilimamwenza


The newest bar of ZOTO!

The Kilimamenza is a dark, well balanced chocolate, more accessible to non-experts and an excellent chocolate to start getting into fine flavor chocolate. Everybody appreciates its dynamic and recognizable flavor profile!

The cocoa:

  • name: Kilimamenza

  • origin: Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

  • the cocoa was produced under ZOTO protocol

The chocolate:

  • 75%: 68% cocoa - 7% cocoa butter - 25% beet sugar

  • Post-harvest controlled chocolate bar

  • 45-50g

Flavor notes:

watermelon, peach, chamomille


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We are very proud to help the cocoa growers of the Ituri region in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For the first time the cocoa growers will get organised to focus on post-harvest processing.

After purchasing the first fermentation batch, we are convinced this cocoa can compete with the best of the world, even though we talk about forastero beans.

Due to this potential cocoa growers will establish a cooperative to start exporting at premium price for the first time.

Soon a new financial income for the farmers will change their life with prosperity.

Discover this chocolate and support this new origin!