D.R. Congo - Manya - 60% dark milk chocolate


D.R. Congo - Manya - 60% dark milk chocolate


This dark milk chocolate is a regional blend chocolate from the province of Ituri, North East of Congo.

Its unique dynamic and long lasting profile, brings back memories of caramel afternoons at grandmas place. With spicy notes and a citric orange peel finish, this is probably the best milk chocolate in the world.

The cocoa:

  • name: Manya

  • origin: D.R. Congo, Ituri

  • the cocoa was produced under ZOTO protocol

The chocolate:

  • 50% cocoa mass - 10% cocoa butter - 12% milk powder - 28% beet sugar

  • Post-harvest controlled chocolate bar

  • 45-50g

Flavor notes:

Caramel, spicy, orange peel


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This chocolate is developed through a project of Rikolto D.R. Congo.

The Ituri region has never exported cacao before in a direct way and over 400 families start producing cacao now.

The fact we are involved in setting up benefit centers to bring an added value income stream to a poor region in the world, makes us very proud.